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Supraways is currently developing a sustainable transportation system for passengers and goods. Its autonomous vehicles will circulate above the ground, at an average speed of 50 to 100 km/h, making no intermediate stops or transfers. This safe and comfortable means of transport is high capacity thanks to high-frequency circulation and offers very competitive investment and operating costs. The project aims to develop and test this French technology in mountainous areas (looking at factors like temperature, snow and slopes but also different regulations and users). The eventual opening of a Supraways demonstration unit will respond to social, regional and environmental challenges. Indeed, this speedy means of public transport will strengthen links and promote equality between regions. Its electric propulsion and solar power canopies mean it is environmentally friendly and the fact that it will reduce car use on the roads that link the valleys to the mountains mean that this low carbon transportation system offers a strong response to the climate issues we are currently facing. Improved fluidity among the plains, valleys and mountains will also strengthen the synergies among the region’s different economic sectors.

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