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Digital and new mobile communication technologies are fuelling the emergence of agricultural practices that are more responsible and more sustainable and that reduce the arduousness of daily farming operations.
It is within this context that SFR Business, working in partnership with Euralis, is offering a digital data management platform whose first application is a connected bovine collar.
This collar makes farmers’ lives easier by enabling them to obtain information on their herd’s location, activity, resting patterns and fertility etc. in real time through a mobile application.
The collar reduces the need for direct herd observation and monitoring and makes it possible to optimise cattle reproduction. Innovation The innovation offered to farmers is a simple and sustainable plug & play solution (3 year self-contained battery), through use of a cellular network adapted to the items connected (NB-IoT), providing greater coverage and lower energy consumption than traditional cellular networks.
For more information, please visit: https://www.sfrbusiness.fr/solutions-entreprises/iot/


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